Blog | 21st Nov, 2011

But in the meantime we've got a challenge for you

Our legal challenge against the proposed new coal-fired power station HRL has been unexpectedly adjourned until next year due to unforeseen health issues of the tribunal Chairman.

Final evidence has been given, and the hearing will resume on 6 February 2012 for closing submissions from all parties.

While our legal campaign faces this minor delay, we’re steaming ahead with our work to convince Prime Minister Julia Gillard to withdraw the federal government grant of $100 million to HRL. If we’re successful, this could well be the knock-out blow we need.

Already we’re gathered thousands of hand written signatures to our petition to the Prime Minister. And the Prime Minister is paying attention. Last month the Prime Minister wrote to a constituent who had asked about HRL at a community cabinet meeting to tell them she was aware of the HRL grant situation and that it could be reviewed at the end of the year. Based on our analysis it seems pretty likely to be reviewed. Read more here

Our volunteers have held community stalls, attended markets and fetes and contacted hundreds of community organisations across Victoria asking for their help to promote our petition.

This campaign could well be the tipping point to stop any new coal-fired power in this state, and indeed across Australia. But we need to show that we’ve got the people power to win, and we need your help to do that.

Just this week I received three pages of signatures from an Environment Victoria supporter and member of a local climate action group in Wodonga called Jenny. Jenny had kept a copy of the petition in her handbag for the past few weeks and asked people to sign it as she was out and about. Over the phone, Jenny told me that family, friends and even people at the local shops had been surprised to hear that our governments were considering new coal power in this day and age, and were more than happy to sign.

Other Environment Victoria supporters have agreed to put copies of the petition in their shops, and yet more people have taken copies to their community group meetings, childcare centres or walked along their street asking their neighbours to sign.

We know that there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of Victorians who don’t want to see a new coal-fired power station for our state – but they can’t sign the petition if we don’t ask them.

So, your challenge for this month, should you choose to accept it is…

Download the petition, print it now, and get it out there. The coffee room at work, in the foyer at church, at your next mothers’ group meeting and in your local organic food shop.

We’re also looking for more volunteers to help us here in the office, sorting all the petitions that are flooding in. If you can offer even half a day a week, and are confident using a computer, please get in touch. We’d love to have you on board.