Blog | 8th Feb, 2012

Love is in the Murray air this Valentines Day

The recent rains and floods have made our Murray River one dreamy hideaway! Our wetlands are glistening under the sun, water birds are singing merrily by the river side and our Murray Cod is having a grand ol’ time breeding away. Oooo lovers!! But the question is, how long will it last?

The future health of the Murray depends on more water being put back into the system so that it can survive the next big dry. Before too long there will be masses of teenage Cod swimmin’ round on the hunt for a good looking mate. But when it comes to whipping out the flowers and candles for their first date, will there be enough water in the river to breed?

We all know Feb’s a time for lovin, so this month please help by giving our Murray a leg up. Sign our petition to give the Cod a chance at some sweet lovin’ this year and forever more

PS. Have you been to the Murray this Summer? Share your tales of Summer lovin here…