Blog | 7th Mar, 2012

But there’s plenty more where that came from! Share your own tips and tales of eco-travel adventures in the comment section below..

Holidays are a time to stop, unwind, indulge and explore, but that doesn’t mean our responsibility to the earth goes on hiatus too. With our much loved Easter break just a little while away, we thought you’d enjoy this handy bunch of travel tips to help you plan your eco escape. Enjoy!

Choose your own adventure
  • The BIG question is, of course, where to go! Do you stay local, head to the coast or the country, go interstate or dare I say it – overseas! Obviously there’s the eco footprint of your journey to consider, but wherever you decide to go, aim for somewhere that respects and conserves the local heritage and environment
  • New green hotels and resorts ranging from the beautiful basic to eco luxury are popping up around the world so the options are definitely there, have a squizz Who’s green with envy?
  • Eco tours are a fab way to have a memorable experience, learn a little on the way and tread lightly on the environment. There are plenty of options out there so get googling! Another option is to volunteer for a conservation project such as the Ningaloo Turtle Program. Too cute
Before the fun begins
  • While you’re away, make sure no energy is being wasted. Turning off all lights and appliances and making sure they’re turned off at the wall too
  • If you have outside lights or feel better leaving a light on in the house to warn off would be thieves, put them on a timer or use solar-powered lights
  • Put a hold on the newspaper delivery to save them going straight to the recycle bin
  • Pack light. Every kilo counts when travelling, especially if you’re flying because the more the plane weighs, the more it emissions it produces, so only pack what you need. I’m sure your back will thank you too!
Make travelling more tree hugger
  • If possible take the train to your destination. It consumes less energy and produces less pollution per passenger-km than driving, boating, cruising or flying. WIN! Plus you get to soak up all the beautiful scenery along the way and maybe even meet some friendly locals
  • The best bet is not to fly, but if you’re jet setting, offset your carbon footprint as an add-on to your flight purchase. Try to avoid stop over’s on the way to your destination too as planes use the most fuel during take-off and landing
  • If you need a set a wheels once you get there hire a hybrid car or track down a bike. With any luck your hotel will offer bike rentals or your new city will have a bike share program
Keep it green once you get there
  • Minimize your footprint at your accommodation by reusing your towels, keeping the heater/air con to a minimum and avoiding long showers and those single use shampoo bottles
  • Or if you’re camping, double check your soaps or detergents are biodegradable and wash yourself and dishes away from streams or lakes
  • Pack your trusty water bottle or travel mug instead of buying new. Also make an effort to limit waste and recycle where you can
  • Buy local produce to support the local economy and the light footprint that comes along with it
  • Finally.. I know it’s hard, but avoid the temptation to buy that fridge magnet or daggy t-shirt. Instead consider buying quality items that will last and avoid overpackaged goods