Blog | 11th Apr, 2012

The government won’t cut our emissions by 20%. But you can!

You may have heard, the state government has dumped the target to reduce Victoria’s greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020. We’re pretty bummed about it because it means clean energy investment and employment opportunities will be sent elsewhere making it a pretty irresponsible decision both environmentally and economically.

So if our government’s not going to act, we can take things into our own hands and cut emissions ourselves. Here are four simple actions you can take right now to cut your greenhouse emissions by 20%. They’re free and could save you more than $400 off your power bills each year. WIN!


(off 12 tonne CO2e average)

Switch off the second fridge. If it’s old, chances are it’s a super energy sucker

8% / 20,000 black balloons / 1,000kg CO2e

Take shorter showers, reduce time under the tap by 3 mins a day

6.6% / 16,000 black balloons / 800kg CO2e

Switch appliances off at the wall

3.2% / 7,800 black balloons / 390kg CO2e

Throw on a jumper and some wooly socks and get your thermostat to 18-20 degrees in winter. Then strip off, get the ice cubes clinking and set it at a cool 26 degrees in summer

3% / 7,200 black balloons / 360kg CO2e