News | 1st May, 2012

Vic budget shuns environment: green group

Tuesday, 1 May 2012
9 News

The Victorian budget failed to improve the government's track record on the environment, critics say.

Environment Victoria described the budget as disappointing and said the government failed to deliver on promises to make Victorian homes more water and energy efficient.

"The budget fails to deliver on key environment election promises, significantly cuts environment and climate change policy funding and ignores opportunities to create green jobs and reduce household energy and water bills," EV spokesman Mark Wakeham said.

The budget has set aside $100 million to improve the environmental condition of the state's high-priority rivers, wetlands and estuaries.

A new body, the Office of Living Victoria, will also be established to improve the state's urban water management.

But Mr Wakeham said the budget did not deliver on investing in solar power and there was no new money to cut Victoria's greenhouse pollution.

He said the government's election promise to improve the energy and water efficiency of Victorian homes to five star ratings was ignored, as was the election promise to source five per cent of the state's energy from solar power by 2020.

"These two important commitments are ignored in this budget, which raises serious questions about the government's intention to deliver on these promises," Mr Wakeham said.

He said spending on environment and climate policy and regulation within the department of sustainability and environment will be cut by over 20 per cent.

Meanwhile transport funding was heavily skewed towards roads over public transport.

"In its first 18 months in office the Baillieu government has made a series of decisions which represent an attack on the environment and a failure to grasp the threat of climate change," Mr Wakeham said.

"This budget does nothing to reverse the government's environmental performance."

He said there was significant investment in improving knowledge of water resources but this was overshadowed by the government's weakening of the Murray Darling Basin Plan.


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