News | 12th Jun, 2012

Green light for the environment

12 June, 2012
Anthony Loncarcic, Brimbank Weekly 

Newly arrived migrants in Brimbank are taking part in a program designed to educate them about the environment and sustainability.

About 25 students at AMES Education in St Albans are working on three community projects as part of the Home Planet program run by Environment Victoria.

The students, aged 18-25, have been working with schoolchildren to teach them about waste and how to set up a compost system.

They've also written presentations to teach others about protecting the environment and have organised a fashion show to share tips on reducing, re-using and recycling.

Home Planet project manager Eva Gaita says the program helps refugees and migrants connect with the community.

"It gives them an opportunity to gain great organisational and communications skills," she says.

Students also receive a certificate in active volunteering.


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