Blog | 25th Jul, 2012

Help us push through the 'valley of Death'

“We’re now in the valley of Death, between the old system and the new system.” So said Professor Tim Flannery yesterday morning to a room full of business leaders from across Victoria that we’d brought together to talk about the opportunities for Victoria’s economy in a changing climate.

Prof. Flannery was referring to the challenging time we find ourselves in – as action on climate change begins and new technologies try to prove themselves in the clean energy future. He spoke of the need to keep pushing, to keep fighting so that Australia can step into a new era of genuine sustainability.

The choice between where we’ve come from and where we need to go is made starkly obvious by the proposed new coal-fired power station HRL. We either invest in clean, renewable energy for the future or remain shackled to polluting coal for decades to come. Now, we’ve got just weeks left to stop HRL from going ahead. Have you signed this final petition to stop HRL?

The Climate Commission released a major new report this week that showed that Victoria receives enough energy from the sun to produce double the state’s current energy needs through solar power alone.

We can’t fail now. We must push on, and ensure that Victoria becomes part of a clean energy future. We must show our leaders that a new coal-fired power station amounts to nothing more than retreat – a backwards step locking Victoria into the past.

Already over 1,200 people have signed this petition to the Federal Government calling on them to Stop HRL by withdrawing their funding of the power station.

But we have only weeks left until the final decision will be announced.

Please sign this petition now if you haven’t already, and help transform Victoria for a clean energy future >

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