Blog | 8th Aug, 2012

Send a postcard from the past into the future

Holy smokes! We’ve just found this mysterious postcard in a dusty old box marked 1959 – a time capsule from a bygone era when everyone was wearing poodle skirts and doing the twist! 1959 was the year they sent Sam the monkey rocketing into outer space and invented the Barbie Doll. Coincidently it was also the year Australia’s dirtiest power plant was born. Who would have thought it would still be coughing out pollution in the 21st century?

Here’s what’s written on the back of the postcard:

Greetings from 1959! If my calculations are correct, you are reading this from a cleaner, greener future, where your electric appliances are powered by the sun’s rays and the force of the wind. Congratulations!

Hazelwood might have been cutting edge in the 1950s, but it was never meant to last beyond 2000. It’s inefficient, out of date and is Australia’s biggest emitter of dangerous dioxins. Share the postcard on Facebook as a reminder that it’s time we move on and replaced Hazelwood with clean energy.

Right now it’s crunch time in negotiations between the federal government and the operators of Hazelwood about closing the power station. The government made a commitment to replace 2000 mega watts of our most polluting coal power, so now it’s time to deliver. We need the government to hear our message loud and clear, so spread this postcard from 1959 far and wide.

In a cleaner, greener future, will Australia look back on 2012 as a turning point – the year when we introduced a price on pollution, the year when we said no to new coal-fired power stations like HRL and the year when we finally replaced our dirtiest power station Hazelwood? Or will they look back on 2012 as a lost opportunity to make the switch to renewables?

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PS  Have you shared it? Great! Now it’s time to celebrate. You’ve heard the great news about HRL, right? Thanks to people like you taking action we’ve managed to stop a proposed coal-fired power station from being built… Way to go! Come along and help us celebrate at Bella Union Bar on Sun Aug 19th for an evening of festivities. Together with Greenpeace and QuitCoal we’re hosting a party to say thanks.

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