News | 23rd Aug, 2012

Call for power stations’ ‘retirement’

Thursday, 23 August 2012
Lynda McRae, Latrobe Valley Express

SOME of Australia’s largest environment groups joined forces in Canberra on Tuesday imploring the Federal Government to provide “certainty” to the Latrobe Valley by announcing the “retirement” of local power stations.

Environment Victoria, the Australian Conservation Foundation, GetUp Action for Australia and the Australian Youth Climate Coalition converged on Canberra to intensify their campaign to ensure the Federal Government delivers on its ‘contracts for closure’ commitment, which could see at least one local power station close, amid speculation the proposal could be shelved…


…Speaking to The Express after Tuesday’s visit to Canberra, Environment Victoria campaigns director Mark Wakeham conceded little light had been shed on how negotiations for the compensated closure of coal-fired plants were progressing.

“The case remains that it is all still highly confidential and it is very hard to get a sense of what is actually going on inside the negotiations,” he said…

…Mr Wakeham claimed once a floor price was agreed on, and enacted, it would be easier to assess the value of power stations, allowing the government to “get to the pointy end of the negotiations and secure contracts for closure”.



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