Blog | 18th Sep, 2012

We've been chatting alot...about Carbon!

“We’ve been chatting alot…….. about Carbon!

Congratulations to the Multicultural Climate Action project which has just hit a project milestone by training all of the community leaders who will take part in the program! The program trained 39 community leaders from 9 communities across 15 regions of Victoria in topics like weather, climate change, carbon pollution, renewable energy and energy efficiency in the home. That’s roughly over 8 hours of EV training, each. 

These leaders come from all over Victoria, from Mildura to Werribee, Keysborough to Hume, and are from new and emerging, culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Breaking down the figures further, 22 men and 17 women from Sikh, Turkish speaking, Vietnamese, Muslim, South Sudanese, Uniting Church, Arabic speaking and communities from Burma have taken part in what we’re calling Carbon Conversations! 

These Carbon conversations will now continue across the state in 10 different languages, and at over 80 locations. Wowzer!

We wish our community leaders the best in delivering their workshops!


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Hannah Smith, Multicultural Climate Action Project Manager
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