Blog | 15th Oct, 2012

Ride to work

Imagine a mode of transport unrivalled in energy efficiency, with zero emissions and zero running costs, which actually improves your well-being! Impossible? Well, chances are you’ve already got one. Yes – it’s a bicycle!

For those of you who’ve ever dreamed of whizzing through the traffic on two wheels but keep putting it off, Ride2Work Day is the perfect opportunity to get you started. Why not ride your bike to work or school once a week, starting Wed 17 Oct?

Register here to be part of Ride2Work Day. Or just start riding.

Like all of the most powerful environmental actions, riding a bike has immeasurable health, social and environmental benefits. Here are ten benefits. Let us know if you think of any more!

1.  Zero emissions transport

By emissions we mean climate change gases plus all the other nasty pollutants produced by cars that cause smog, breathing difficulties, asthma, lung disease and increase the risk of many other diseases.

2.  Cutting-edge energy efficiency

The bicycle is the most efficient form of transport ever invented, in terms of energy used per person per kilometre.

3.  Zero (almost) noise pollution.

Depends how much you talk to all your new friends (see point 7)…

4.  Physical activity

Cycling greatly reduces the risk of many diseases caused by inactivity, not to mention the stress caused by sitting in traffic.

5.  Gentle transport

More people cycling reduces the number of cars, and therefore the risks of road trauma.

6.  Child-friendly

The last thing we want around children is roads full of cars.

7.  Social interaction

Chat to the other humans instead of hitting the horn.

8.  No oil

When you cycle you are not contributing to all the environmental, political and social damage across the planet inflicted by the oil industry.

9.  Less paved surfaces

In some Melbourne suburbs 40% of land is paved for motor vehicles. Bikes take up one tenth of the space of cars.

10.  Zero water pollution

Oil, brakes, tyre rubber and other toxic car filth constitutes significant pollution in the Yarra, the Bay and other Melbourne waterway, as it is washed off roads by the rain.

These are but ten good reasons to give it a go. Another BIG one is all the money you’ll save. What are you waiting for? Dust off your helmet, adjust your bike seat, plan out your route and join us on the roads. We’ll see you out there!