Blog | 30th Oct, 2012

Basin Plan close to a deal – last chance for action!

Prime Minister Gillard made an exciting announcement on Friday, adding 450 billion litres to the target for environmental water recovery for the Murray River.

The target is edging closer to the 4000 billion litres we know the river needs and it’s thanks to the public pressure that has been exerted in South Australia and all over the country.

So well done everyone who sent in a submission on the Basin Plan or sent a message to Minster Burke – you are having an impact!

With the Basin Plan due to be tabled in federal Parliament by the end of November, the final deals are being stitched up right now. So this is our last chance to make improvements to the Plan which will determine the fate of the Murray River for the next decade and more >

As it stands, the Prime Minister’s extra water is a separate category to the rest of the Basin Plan and the way the Plan is written could block any future efforts to recover more water for the environment. So the river will still be stuck in limbo land with the job half done – health improved but not restored for the long term.

SO LET’S TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO GET IT RIGHT WHILE WE STILL CAN – sign our letter to the Prime Minister and the politicians who hold the key to negotiations for a better Plan >

We know many of you have signed a petition on this issue before, but right now the plan is in the hands of the pollies who can negotiate for better outcomes for the Murray River.

And they need to hear from YOU >