Blog | 20th Jan, 2013

Make a New Year's Resolution for the environment

It’s 2013 and climate change has officially arrived. Yep. Australia’s just sweltered through our worst heatwave and hottest ever day on record.

The PM, the Bureau of Meteorology, the Climate Commission and the UN’s chief climate scientist have all linked the heatwave to climate change and warned us to prepare for more extreme weather events in the future. Yikes.

So at Environment Victoria we’re ramping it up in 2013 and doing more than ever to put the brakes on runaway climate change. We need all the help we can get – from people like you. Are you prepared to do something new for our environment, whether big or small?

In 2013, commit to two green actions you’ve never done before – one personal action to change YOUR world and one social action to change THE world.  And don’t worry if you’ve made these kind of promises before only to let them slide by February, because we’ll check in with you later in the year to make sure you’re keeping up your end of the bargain. Consider us an ecological version of your personal trainer. Now, get down and give us 2!

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