News | 1st Feb, 2013

Murray-Darling floodplains struggling to recover from dry weather

1 Feb 2013
Lisa Kingsberry, ABC

Research has found floodplains across the Murray-Darling Basin are not recovering as well as expected after the recent drought.

CSIRO researchers working in the southern basin say grasslands in the Barmah Forest in northern Victoria have been steadily decreasing since the big dry.

Dr Lindsay Vivien says river regulation through the use of weirs and simulated flood events could be partly to blame.

"So water management in terms of dams and regulators so that's changed aspects of the flooding regime, so for example the frequency of flooding, the timing of flooding and the depth and duration of flooding as well."

The CSIRO is asking locals to give their feedback on their local floodplains by completing a survey at

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