News | 28th Apr, 2013

Green revivalist protest targets polluters

28 April 2013
Neelima Choahan, Ballarat Courier
THE community and businesses will lead a green revival even as governments retreat from reforms, a Ballarat resident has said.

Environment Victoria volunteer Micah Demmert spoke to The Courier, at a protest outside Ballarat MP Catherine King’s office yesterday.

He was one of about 20 people who gathered at the Lydiard Street office asking for a cut in government subsidies to big polluters.

Mr Demmert, who organised the protest, said the government was giving $10 billion in fossil fuel subsidies to big polluters. “That’s the equivalent of giving them $65 million from people in this electorate alone,” Mr Demmert said.

“We would much rather this money was spent in the community on health, education or making Ballarat a more sustainable city.”

The protest was part of a nation-wide movement in the lead-up to the federal budget, he said.

Mr Demmert said environmental groups, including Environment Victoria, Australian Conservation Foundation, World Wildlife Fund were recommending the federal government cut five subsidies, including fuel tax credits scheme to the mining industry and statutory effective life caps (accelerated depreciation) to the oil and gas, and petroleum extraction industries.
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