News | 8th May, 2013

Transport a winner, but others are not so happy

8 May 2013
There has been positive reaction to the State Government's East West Link project which is set to provide a massive boost to Victoria's construction sector.

The Government has allocated hundreds of millions of dollars for the link and wants to put the project on the market this year
…Tony Morton from the Public Transport User's Association says the money could have been better spent.

"What we really are not seeing though is any kind of city shaping public transport project in the suburbs," he said.

While Mark Stone from the Victorian Chamber of Commerce says he has given the budget an eight out of 10, Mark Wakeham from Environment Victoria is nowhere near as kind.

"Environment, it would have to be a fail mark, they've failed to address climate change, they've failed to clean up our energy supply," he said. 
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