Blog | 20th May, 2013

Look inside a recycling factory

I’ve recently taken two groups of North Melbourne residents, including some of our Recycle Now Recycle Champions, to SKM Recycling in Coolaroo to learn more about what happens after we put our household recycling products into the recycling bin.

These field trips, as always, have been really worthwhile and interesting. I’ve been taking people to SKM for years now because they kindly offer Environment Victoria free tours and this particular recycling factory allows the visitor to witness the entire fascinating process. It’s not actually recycling they do at SKM. It is a Materials Recovery Facility or MRF, meaning they sort through all the mixed materials we put into our recycling bins and separate them into carefully baled squares of one product – paper, one type of plastic, aluminium – or into landscaped hills of crushed glass, ready to be sent elsewhere for recycling.