Blog | 20th Jun, 2013

Go for zero! Be a zero-waste hero...

Do you think you could go a week without generating any waste?

It might sound impossible, but with our guide to zero-waste living you’re in with a fighting chance. Inspired by Moreland Council’s Zero Waste Challenge we’re challenging you to go a whole week without waste.

So how’s it gonna go down? Well, obviously there are various types of waste – some more avoidable than others. But what we’re talking about here is the stuff you throw away and put out in your green wheelie bin at the end of the week. The stuff that heads off to landfill where it emits methane into the air and toxins into the land. The stuff we can do without.

So are you up for the challenge? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Share your experiences with other zero-waste heroes here > 

Even if you can’t last a week, how about one day? There’s plenty you can do whether you’re just starting out as a green bean, or a bone fide green machine. Here are the rules – you can compost, recycle and reuse. But you can’t ‘chuck’ anything away!