Blog | 21st Jun, 2013

Andrew Bolt attacks Environment Victoria

Climate change denier Andrew Bolt devoted his entire nationally syndicated column to attack Environment Victoria this week (Monday June 16, 2013). Along with a series of confused observations about our warming climate, the article targeted Environment Victoria’s award-winning Sustainable Living programs, which help communities in Victoria reduce energy waste, reduce environmental impacts and save money on bills.

Ironically the attack came days after Australian scientists again issued a major warning about the dangers we face from climate change.

Bolt is a seriously heavy-hitter for fossil fuel interests and those who are antagonistic to environmental protection.

When the loudest mouthpiece for these interests starts shouting, we know that Environment Victoria is having a powerful impact in political circles, as well as in the communities we work with.

Nuts and Bolts of Environment Victoria’s energy efficiency programs

Environment Victoria is funded primarily by our thousands of members and donors; individuals and organisations who have a genuine concern about the future for our children and our society. Environment Victoria has a responsibility to work with communities, and advocate publicly on behalf of our members and the thousands of Victorians who want to see Victoria’s environment protected. And we will continue to do that.

A minority of our funding comes from the federal government. This money is used to deliver effective, targeted community education programs about ways to reduce energy use, with the people and communities who need it most.

Our new federally funded Future Powered Families program will help new parents save money by cutting their energy use right when they need it – when a new baby has upped their energy bills and shrunk their income. It will train new parents to share their energy saving knowledge with others.  So it won’t be outsiders coming into parents’ homes to lecture. It will be fellow parents who can connect because they understand the reality of having a new baby, not enough sleep and, often, not enough money.

While Bolt and his ilk are throwing stones, we’ll get on with the job of building energy efficient communities, and protecting Victoria’s environment.