News | 31st Jul, 2013

Green groups maintain call for independent waterways probe

31 July 2013
Environmentalists say they are not surprised by the Victorian Government's response to calls for an independent review of the state's waterways.

Twenty environment groups issued a joint statement earlier this month to say the Coalition had broken an election promise by not ordering the study.

However, the Government said it had instead decided to incorporate the work into a departmental strategy being developed.

Environment Victoria's Mark Wakeham says the joint statement has failed to change the Government's mind.

"The Government seems to have dug in on their view, which is that the waterways strategy that they're developing is adequate," he said.

"We don't agree with them and the 20 groups that have been calling for a VEAC [Victorian Environmental Assessment Council] investigation will be working together to make sure that a proper assessment of our freshwater ecosystems is done."
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