Media Releases | 13th Aug, 2013

New analysis helps Australians navigate federal election promises on environment

13 August 2013
Environment Victoria has today released ‘Envirotracker’ a detailed analysis of the environment and climate change policies of the three main parties contesting the 2013 federal election.
‘Envirotracker’ compiles on-the-record policy commitments and statements that have been made by the ALP, Coalition and Greens over the past two years. In the absence of formal environment policy launches so far this election campaign it provides voters with a comprehensive overview of what the major political parties would do if they are elected to office on 7 September.
Environment Victoria Campaigns Director Mark Wakeham said:
“At this Federal election there is greater difference between what the major parties are proposing on the environment than in any federal election in decades.
“The outcome of the election will determine whether polluters have to pay to pollute, or alternatively whether taxpayers pay them to reduce their pollution. 
“It will determine whether there is a $10 billion fund for renewable energy projects or not.
“The election will determine whether environment laws are strengthened or weakened, and whether the federal government hands over environmental approvals to state governments, who have a poor track record of environmental protection.
“The election will determine whether we have new dams on our rivers or not.
“And depending on who wins the election we will have billions of dollars invested in public transport projects or new freeways.
“Arguably there’s never been a more important election for the environment.
“Environment Victoria never tells Victorians how to vote, but we do want people to be informed about the environment and climate policies of all parties before election day.
“That’s why we’ve developed ‘Envirotracker’ which provides Victorians with an easy-to-digest summary of the main political parties’ plans for our environment.
“Envirotracker will be updated weekly in the lead up to the election and a final version sent to tens of thousands of Victorians on election eve to help them make an informed choice at this election.
“We’re looking to all parties to release strong environment policies in the weeks ahead to rise up to the massive environmental challenges facing Australia.”

For comment
Mark Wakeham, Environment Victoria Campaigns Director, 0439 700 501

The full ‘Envirotracker’ analysis can be downloaded here > 
A brief snapshot summarising ‘Envirotracker’ is available here, where Australians can also register to have the final Envirotracker analysis sent to them on election eve >