Media Releases | 28th Nov, 2013

MDBA makes good start on constraint management

28 November 2013

Environment Victoria has welcomed the Constraints Management Strategy released by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority today.

The Strategy identifies major obstacles to the delivery of environmental water under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan and sets up a framework for further investigation and community consultation.

Environment Victoria Healthy Rivers Campaigner Juliet Le Feuvre said today:

“Managing constraints is all about getting the best use out of the environmental water that is being recovered under the Basin Plan. The Constraints Management Strategy released by the MDBA today is a step in the right direction and allows for detailed and thorough investigation of the constraints identified by the Authority. The MDBA is not rushing the process and has established principles to protect private property and entitlement reliability.

“Resolving constraints means that more environmental objectives can be achieved with the water that will be returned to rivers under the Basin Plan – and that means healthier wetlands and forests, more birds, more fish and better water quality.

“Managing constraints can also provide community benefits such as flood mitigation and protection. We can all benefit from sorting out these issues and  getting the best use out of the environmental water”.


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