Blog | 17th Dec, 2013

Environment Victoria condemns Abbott Government attacks on the environment’s legal team

Yesterday, the Abbott Government terminated all federal funding for the Environment Defenders Offices across Australia. This means the Victorian EDO will lose up to half of its funding and smaller EDOs will lose nearly all of their funding.

This is a clear attempt by the Abbott Government to silence the voice of communities and people like you and me. It demonstrates the Abbott Government’s utter contempt for those willing to speak up for mother nature. It’s totally outrageous, especially when you consider that the federal government gives $10 billion to wealthy mining corporations every year in fossil fuel subsidies, yet they can’t spare around 0.0001 percent of that for EDOs!

The Victorian Environment Defenders Office is crucial to environment protection in Victoria. They were integral to the recent court cases to protect East Gippsland forests, the Leadbeaters Possum and to stop a new coal plant from being built. They act on behalf of Environment Victoria and local environment groups to stand up for our environment. And they are the smartest, most passionate and dedicated bunch of people you’ll ever meet.

We need to stand with the EDO at this time. They are the classic David versus Goliath, supporting communities standing up against vested interests. If you find yourself with some loose change this Christmas, why not consider becoming an EDO donor, start by clicking here

You can find out more from the EDO here and find Environment Victoria’s media release here.