Blog | 30th Jun, 2014

Plant a tree for National Tree Day

We owe so much to trees: the air we breathe, the food we eat, the paper you’re reading this on… Ok, got you with that one, but the list goes on!

Trees are good for our environment, good for our society, good for our economy and good for us! So help us celebrate everything about trees by planting a tree for National Tree Day.
This Sunday 27 July over 200,000 Australians will be rolling up their sleeves, putting on their gumboots and heading out into the great outdoors to join one of Planet Ark’s community tree-plantings at 4,000 sites around the country.
If you’ve never taken part in a tree-planting you don’t know what you’re missing out on! By registering to help out at one of these sites, you’ll be burning kilojoules, getting to know your local area and community, and most of all having a great time in the fresh air.
Then as time goes by, you’ll have the satisfaction of watching your little saplings grow into magnificent pollution-sucking, shade-bearing, local-area-beautifying trees!