Reports | 7th Aug, 2014

Sun Blocks and Wind Breaks

25 attacks on clean energy by the Baillieu and Napthine Governments

This report highlights 25 attacks on clean and efficient energy by the Baillieu/Napthine Governments since the 2010 election, including:
  • Implementing extreme and restrictive regulations on new wind-farms
  • Abandoning negotiations to phase out the polluting Hazelwood coal power station
  • Reneging on clean energy commitments in the Climate Change White Paper
  • Removing the 20 percent emissions reduction target from the Climate Change Act
  • Slashing and restricting access to the solar feed-in-tariff
  • Spending taxpayer money on a PR campaign to promote coal mining
  • Scrapping an election commitment to replace street lights with energy efficient bulbs
  • Cancelling the household solar hot water rebate
  • Moving to scrap the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target which is creating jobs, reducing energy use and saving money.
  • Cancelling requirements for Government agencies to purchase green electricity.

Download the report here