Media Releases | 21st Aug, 2014

100 Days till Victorian election: parties on notice to protect the environment

21 August 2014

The state’s leading environmental voice, Environment Victoria, has today called for all political parties to make clear their environmental policies ahead of the coming state election – to be held in 100 days time.

“The environmental clock is ticking loud for Victoria’s politicians and political hopefuls”, said Mark Wakeham, CEO of Environment Victoria.

“All those with ambitions for office at this election need to understand that while our environment might not vote, it certainly counts. Regardless of who wins the election we will be working to make sure the environment doesn’t lose.”

Environment Victoria has written to the Coalition, ALP and Greens asking for their policies and election priorities over three key areas:

  • Cleaning up our power supply and reduce pollution by developing a renewable energy jobs and investment plan to make Victoria the leading state on renewable energy;
  • Making our homes and communities efficient, affordable and sustainable with a focus on increasing the efficiency of Victorian homes to an average 5 star standard through comprehensive retrofit programs, as well as investing in better public transport and protecting green wedges;
  • Protecting and restoring Victoria’s natural environment with priorities including protecting riverside areas by excluding livestock from our rivers and creating the Great Forest National Park.

“A healthy environment is the foundation of a vibrant economy and a connected community,” said Mr Wakeham.

“Poll after poll shows that Victorians care for their environment; now the politicians have one hundred days to show they have a plan to protect the environment and reduce pollution in the next term of government. If they want to earn the votes of concerned Victorians, they need to pass this test”.

“Over the next hundred days, we will be counting down to the election and holding all candidates and parties to account to make genuine commitments towards building a clean and sustainable future,” he concluded.

Environment Victoria plans to engage with Victorian voters through advocacy and outreach, newspaper advertisements, billboards and a series of election forums with each of the political parties.

Through its 800 volunteers, Environment Victoria plans to have more than 20,000 conversations with undecided voters in key seats about the pressing environmental issues. The environmental policies of the major parties will be assessed in an election scorecard which will be published from September and updated as the election nears.

A full list of Environment Victoria’s election policy priorities that have been sent to the major political parties is attached.

For further information please contact Tim Norton on 0402 077 721.

Environment Victoria’s election policy priorities