Media Releases | 1st Sep, 2014

Dirty Politics hurts Clean Energy

1 September 2014

The Victorian Coalition Government’s systematic campaign against renewable energy has cost Victoria investment, employment and revenue according to Sun Blocks and Wind Breaks, a report released today by Environment Victoria.

“Most of Victoria’s policy agenda for a cleaner and more efficient energy mix has been deliberately dismantled over the past four years,” said Mark Wakeham, CEO of Environment Victoria.

“This report details how these ideological attacks have seen Victoria fall behind states like South Australia in the race to embrace clean energy. Victoria continues to have the dirtiest power supply in the country.

The Coalition’s actions to stymie clean energy come at a time when community concern over climate change, air pollution and cost of living pressures mean there is clear support for more – not less – clean energy. 80% of Victorians support renewable energy and yet the Coalition remains joined at the hip with the dirty end of town”.

The new report highlights  25 attacks on clean and efficient energy by the Baillieu/Napthine Governments since the 2010 election, including:

  • Implementing extreme and restrictive regulations on new wind-farms
  • Abandoning negotiations to phase out the polluting Hazelwood coal power station
  • Reneging on clean energy commitments in the Climate Change White Paper
  • Removing the 20 percent emissions reduction target from the Climate Change Act
  • Slashing and restricting access to the solar feed-in-tariff
  • Spending taxpayer money on a PR campaign to promote coal mining
  • Scrapping an election commitment to replace street lights with energy efficient bulbs
  • Cancelling the household solar hot water rebate
  • Moving to scrap the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target which is creating jobs, reducing energy use and saving money.
  • Cancelling requirements for Government agencies to purchase green electricity

“The decisions by the current Government stand in stark contrast to the actions needed to reduce emissions and move to renewable energy production and mean Victoria has missed out on billions of dollars of investment, thousands of jobs and the chance to clean up our power supply. Renewable energy is one of the world’s fastest growing industries but while it is moving forward the Coalition is taking Victoria backwards”.

“Few of these attacks were announced to the public before the 2010 election, and it is difficult to see how they have benefited the people of Victoria,” said Mr Wakeham.

“Ahead of the November election it is critical that all sides of politics understand that at stake is a great opportunity to be the state that leads the nation in cleaning up and transforming our power sector and creating jobs and investment in clean energy. If our politicians want to enjoy political power then they need to embrace clean power”.


Further information and comment:
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