Media Releases | 2nd Oct, 2014

Signs of ALP support for Victorian renewable energy target encouraging

2 October 2014

Environment Victoria has today welcomed comments by ALP candidate for Ripon Daniel McGlone that the Victorian ALP would recommit to a state-based renewable energy target if the Federal renewable energy target is scrapped, and called on the ALP and all parties to make a clear commitment to accelerating renewable energy development for the state.

Speaking to the The Maryborough Advertiser Mr McGlone said that: “Daniel Andrews has made a commitment that should the RET be scrapped at a federal level Labor will revisit the VRET and re-instate it,” he said. “I’m obviously going to be deeply in favour of that.”

The federal government is currently reviewing the national renewable energy target, and its review flagged as one option closing the scheme to new entrants which would decimate Australia’s renewable energy industry.

Environment Victoria CEO Mark Wakeham said today:

“We are encouraged by reports that the Victorian ALP is considering reintroducing a state-based renewable energy target. Previously the ALP has committed to developing a renewable energy jobs plan for the state, though the only firm commitment they have made so far on renewable energy is to repeal the Coalition’s planning laws which discriminate against new windfarms.”

“With just 58 days until the state election it is time that we had clarity from all parties on their renewable energy policies. Unfortunately the last four years under the Coalition Government have seen nothing but a series of attacks on Victoria’s renewable energy industry, with investments in wind and solar being discouraged, and energy efficiency programs scrapped.”

“Reintroducing a state-based renewable energy target would give Victorian renewable energy developers the confidence that they need to invest in large new projects that will create jobs and investment in regional communities. Environment Victoria would strongly welcome a commitment to a Victorian Renewable Energy Target from all parties contesting the election.”

“The Greens recently committed to introducing a Victorian renewable energy target of at least 90 percent by 2030, though it is unknown if delivering on this policy is a condition of them forming government or approving the state budget if they are in such a position of influence post-election.”

“Renewable energy enjoys massive support among Victorians both in the city and country, with polls showing four out of five Victorians support more investment in renewables. With Victoria having the most polluting power supply in the country we need a clear plan from all parties contesting the November election outlining how they would clean up the state’s power supply.”