Media Releases | 17th Nov, 2014

Environment Victoria response to ALP announcement on 100% renewable Newstead


17 November 2014

Environment Victoria welcomes the commitment by the Victorian ALP to support the transition of the small town of Newstead to 100% renewable energy by 2017, saying it will create a valuable template that can be rolled-out across the state.

Environment Victoria’s Safe Climate Campaign Manager Dr Nicholas Aberle said:

“The ALP’s commitment to removing barriers faced by small renewable energy projects is a positive step for Victoria. Where a community has the motivation to transition towards renewable energy, the Government needs to ensure that there are no regulatory obstacles in the way.”

“It is important for the Essential Services Commission to calculate true value of small-scale renewable energy, and this needs to be reflected in solar feed-in tariffs, which are currently too low. Owners of solar PV can only sell their electricity to retailers for 8 c/kWh, but retailers are then on-selling this same electricity for around 25 c/kWh.  Once we understand the true value of this clean electricity, a fair price needs to be paid to those who generate it.”

“The roll-out of this 100% renewable energy plan in the small town of Newstead needs to be the first step in a state-wide effort to reduce our reliance on polluting brown coal.”

“While this is a small but welcome initiative, what Victorians really need are answers from Labor on the big energy questions: What emissions reduction or renewable energy targets will they set? Will they rule out allowing new coal mines? Is there a plan to phase out our oldest and most polluting power stations like Anglesea and Hazelwood?”

“With the G20 showing loud and clear that the rest of the world is taking climate change seriously, it is critical that the next Victorian Government position our state at the forefront of the global energy revolution.”

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