Media Releases | 18th Nov, 2014

Victoria worst on renewable energy, but voters have a choice on Election Day


18 November 2014

Environment Victoria agrees with research by the Climate Council that shows Victoria currently has the worst policy environment in the country for developing renewable energy, and says that the upcoming state election creates a clear choice for voters.

Environment Victoria’s Safe Climate Campaign Manager Dr Nicholas Aberle said:

“Over the past four years, we’ve seen the Coalition Government systematically dismantle the vast majority of Victoria’s renewable energy policies and programs.

“Voters will soon have a choice: to continue down this path, full of backward steps on climate change, or to move with the rest of the world towards clean energy and a safe climate.”

“Polling consistently shows that four out of five Victorians want more renewable energy, whether it’s on their rooftops or on farms in regional areas. Victorians can see the energy of the future, and they want it.”

“We’re calling on Victorians to vote at this election with the environment and climate in mind. With a less than two weeks to polling day, voters will soon have the opportunity to choose between differing views of what our energy mix should look like.”

“The Federal Government has utterly abandoned us on climate issues, so it’s more important than ever that State Governments have the courage to lead the way towards clean energy.”

Environment Victoria has identified several key roles for state governments to play on climate policy:

  • Reinstating ambitious state-based carbon emission reduction targets
  • Developing an investment strategy to ensure Victoria gets at least its fair share of the federal Renewable Energy Target
  • Raising solar feed-in tariffs to match retail prices and reintroducing solar hot water rebates
  • Getting serious about improving energy efficiency to reduce emissions and to save money for low-income homes
  • Removing arbitrary barriers to wind farm development

“The final piece of the energy puzzle is coal. Until Victoria rules out new coal mines and starts an orderly phase-out of existing coal power stations, promoting renewable energy only solves half of the problem,” said Dr Aberle.

For more information Nicholas Aberle 0402 512 121