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New scorecard shows Victorian parties split on environment policy just days before election

24 November 2014
Thousands of Victorians who have pledged to use their vote for the environment at the upcoming State election will today be able to compare the environmental policies of the major parties thanks to a scorecard released by Environment Victoria.
“The scorecard shows how few specific environmental policies have been offered to the Victorian public by the major parties,” said Environment Victoria CEO Mark Wakeham.
“With 5 days till polling day neither Labor or the Coalition has released a comprehensive policy to address climate change or safeguard our precious natural places.”
“While Labor has announced some positive steps such as reducing the impact of the Coalition’s anti-wind farm laws and announcing $20 million for renewable energy projects, we are yet to hear a comprehensive plan addressing Victoria’s most pressing environmental issues.”
“The Coalition has an extremely disappointing track record on the environment and climate change over the past 4 years, and has largely avoided making any environmental commitments in the election campaign. Their poor scorecard result reflects that.”
“The Greens have released a positive policy agenda on the environment and climate change and have made significant announcements to clean up the State’s polluting energy supply and create the Great Forest National Park. Its disappointing that they are so far the only party to do so.”
“More than 12,000 Victorian marginal seat voters have been doorknocked by Environment Victoria and GetUp in recent weeks in key marginal electorates.”
“The majority of those we spoke to said that protecting the environment is one of the most important electoral issues for them.”
“More than 10,000 swing voters have signed a pledge to vote for the environment on Election Day, including over 2000 in the key seats of Frankston, Carrum, Mordialloc and Forest Hill. Today we’ve posted those pledges back to them, along with the scorecard so that they can make an informed decision about which parties have the best environmental policies.”
“As the State of Environment report for Victoria showed, the health of our environment is declining across most indicators. Add climate change to the mix and we have a crisis on our hands, for the environment but also for communities and our economy.”
“We need strong environmental leadership over the next 4 years from whichever party comes to power if we are to protect our natural capital. Unfortunately we have not seen that leadership to date in this election campaign.”
“Environment Victoria urges all Victorians to carefully consider which party will show that leadership before they cast their vote this Saturday.”

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