News | 15th Mar, 2015

Victoria to ban e-waste in landfill

15 March 2015
The Age

Almost every household has its share. The state-of-the art television that has suddenly become yesterday's model. Keyboards and cords gathering dust in the back of a cupboard. A broken iPhone here; an old computer screen there.

But with figures showing electronic junk is now the fastest growing type of waste in the country, the Andrews government has made an ambitious pledge: to ban so-called "e-waste" from landfill, forcing consumers to take greater responsibility for its disposal.

"Victoria's e-waste is rising, due to rapid advances in technologies and shorter life span of products," said environment parliamentary secretary Anthony Carbines.

"To tackle the growing waste stream entering landfill, the Andrews Labor government will boost recycling and recovery of e-waste, by imposing a ban. This ban will support jobs in the recycling industry and grow economic opportunities throughout the state as well as protecting environmental health."


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