Media Releases | 3rd Feb, 2016

Environment Victoria calls for independent assessment of the Trans Pacific Partnership

Environment Victoria, along with 58 other community organisations representing millions of Australians are gravely concerned about the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) text agreed by the US, Australia and 10 other Pacific Rim countries.

The proposed TPP text contains only weak environmental standards which are not enforceable, and allows foreign corporations to sue governments over changes to domestic law in closed door tribunals which have no independent judiciary, no precedents and no appeals. This would allow challenges to all kinds of regulation in the public interest, and governments could be sued for taking action against climate change, undermining the Paris climate agreement.

Parliament should not vote on the implementing legislation until the following independent assessments of the text have been conducted:

  • An independent assessment of TPP economic costs and benefits, as offered by the Productivity Commission
  • Independent health, environment, human rights and labour rights assessments of the TPP

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