Media Releases | 18th May, 2016

New Promise Watch site tracks the parties’ environment commitments​

18 May 2016

As the federal Environment Minister and Shadow Environment Minister prepare for a debate at the National Press Club today, Environment Victoria releases a ‘Promise Watch’ site to help journalists and citizens track the environment and climate change commitments of the major parties.

Promise Watch aims to provide factual, spin-free, up-to-date information about environmental issues and climate change to increase transparency and hold the parties to account for their election promises.

Promise Watch tracks policy commitments by the Coalition, Labor and Greens relevant to three policy categories:
1. A plan to power Australia with clean energy
2. A plan for cutting pollution
3. A plan for protecting and restoring nature.

Each week leading up to the election on 2 July, Environment Victoria will update Promise Watch to include any new statements, policies or promises made by the political parties.

Environment Victoria CEO Mark Wakeham said today:

“Victorians care deeply about our environment and are significantly ahead of their elected leaders when it comes to support for reducing greenhouse pollution and protecting our fragile rivers, forests and oceans.

“They deserve to know exactly where the parties stand on important issues like phasing out our dirtiest coal-burning power stations and supporting affected workers, accelerating the roll-out of clean energy, investing in public transport and returning water to our thirsty rivers.

“With yesterday’s announcement that the ABC FactCheck unit will close, it’s more important than ever for organisations with specialist policy knowledge to hold political parties to account for their promises.

“Promise Watch will track all relevant policy announcements by the three main parties contesting the election and will provide the basis for an environment scorecard that will be released publicly, advertised in key local areas and sent to Environment Victoria’s 100,000 supporters before early polling starts on 14 June.”

Environment Victoria will also be responding to claims made during today’s National Press Club debate live on Twitter. Follow @EnviroVic or search the hashtags #ausvotes #npc

View the Promise Watch site here >>
Read Environment Victoria’s policy blueprint here >>

For interview and further comment:

Mark Wakeham, CEO, Environment Victoria

Mobile: 0439 700 501