Reports | 2nd Sep, 2016

Submission to the review of the Victorian Residential Tenancies Act

The Victorian government is currently reviewing the Residential Tenancies Act 1997, which represents an opportunity to introduce minimum efficiency standards for rental properties.

The energy efficiency of Victorian houses is bad enough, but rental properties are even worse. Hundreds of thousands of renters are living in homes which are dangerously hot in summer and freezing in winter or cost a fortune to keep comfortable.  And if rental homes which make up around a quarter of our housing stock are missing out on efficiency upgrades, then Victoria is missing out on a big opportunity to cut greenhouse emissions.

Environment Victoria’s submission to the Fairer Safer Housing review outlines why introducing minimum efficiency standards for rental properties is the only way to fix the problem of poor quality rental housing.

View our full submission below, or download it here >>

Environment Victoria also led the development of the One Million Homes Alliance submission to the review.

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