Blog | 27th Oct, 2016

2016 Community Environment Award Winners

On 26 October 2016 we recognised the achievements of nine remarkable community groups and individuals from around the state for their outstanding contribution to our environment.

The 2016 Community Environment Recognition Award recipients are all leaders in their communities. They have led innovative and persistent grassroots campaigns to protect nature, tackle global warming and stand up for the places they love, often with very limited resources.

These are the groups and individuals we recognised in 2016

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Lisa Nichols, Emma Peppler and Jennifer Trewhella, the extraordinary pro bono legal team who represented Environment Victoria, briefed by Environment Justice Australia, at both Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiries.

They helped to give a voice to public interest and achieve major improvements to coal mine rehabilitation standards, including significant increases to rehabilitation bonds.


Carolyn Ingvarson and Lighter Footprints have been demonstrating support for climate action in the leafy suburbs of Melbourne for several years and are becoming famous for their town hall busting public meetings.

In the Federal Election at the meeting they hosted with ECAM they perhaps achieved a world first by securing a promise from the Liberals, the Greens and the ALP to sit down together over a cup of tea to talk about developing a credible national climate policy.


Murray Lower Darling Indigenous Nations (MLDRIN) is a confederation of Indigenous nations and traditional owners in the southern Murray Darling Basin.

They have been strong advocates for protecting the Murray and Lower Darling rivers and wetlands, and have successfully made the case for the establishment of cultural water entitlements.


Lock the Gate Victoria for running an extraordinary grassroots campaign which was successful in achieving a ban on unconventional gas projects and fracking in Victoria.


Since 2009 the Latrobe Valley Sustainability Group has been working for a cleaner, safer and more sustainable future.

Surrounded by coal mines and power stations, they have consistently and courageously spoken up for the need for a future beyond coal in a community that does not always welcome that conversation.


The Climate Guardians are a group of committed environmental activists who use stunning Angel imagery (and quiet dignity) to raise awareness about the urgent need for climate action and a just transition away from fossil fuels.

The media impact that the Climate Guardians made at the critical Paris #COP21 climate talks was extraordinary.


WHAM8, Western Highway Alternative Mindsets8 for drawing public awareness to the clearing of 900 giant native trees by VicRoads during the Western Highway duplication – VicRoads later apologised for accidentally clearing more trees than intended.



For 40 years now Friends of Merri Creek have been restoring and bringing life back to the Merri Creek.

Friends of Merri Creek campaigned against a freeway proposal in the mid-70s, developed a community vision for the Creek Valley and have been gathering resources and coordinating work to make the Merri Creek the wonderful place that is today.


Environment Victoria election campaign volunteers for building community support for strong climate and environment policies in key areas for the 2016 federal election.

They did this by having 4500 face to face conversations with local voters about the environment, making 3500 phone calls and getting 2814 pledges from local people to vote to protect their environment at the election.