Media Releases | 23rd Nov, 2016

Environment Victoria welcomes moves to strengthen Victoria’s climate laws

Environment Victoria welcomes the Andrews government’s introduction of the Climate Change Bill into Parliament, which will give effect to the recommendations of the independent review and strengthen the Climate Change Act. The Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio tabled the bill’s second reading speech in Parliament today.

Environment Victoria CEO Mark Wakeham commented:

“We welcome this move from the Andrews government to strengthen the Climate Change Act and set Victoria on a path to zero net emissions. The current Act is ineffective and urgently needs updating.

“Setting targets to rapidly reduce climate pollution and holding current and future governments accountable to reducing climate risk are vital steps to protect Victoria from global warming.”

The Act sets a target for net zero emissions by 2050 and requires 5 yearly targets along the way. The Andrews government has also promised a 2020 emissions reduction target.

“The earlier we get on with the job of reducing greenhouse pollution in Victoria the better for our environment, economy and community. Victoria’s 2020 and future greenhouse pollution reduction targets need to be a strong statement that Victoria is serious about moving to zero emissions.

“Victoria is already experiencing the effects of global warming such as declining freshwater resources, increased bushfires and more severe heatwaves so acting to reduce climate pollution should be a no-brainer for governments of all persuasion.

“We call on all sides of politics in Victoria to support stronger climate laws and the actions necessary to protect our climate and Victoria’s future prosperity.”

Environment Victoria will provide further analysis on the content of the bill in coming days.

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