Media Releases | 31st Jan, 2017

Energy efficiency retrofits to help most vulnerable Victorians

Environment Victoria welcomes the Andrews government’s announcement of $6 million for energy efficiency upgrades to 800 homes, and looks forward to the government’s long-awaited energy efficiency strategy delivering even greater opportunities for Victorian households to save money on their bills and cut climate pollution.

“It’s encouraging to see Victoria stepping into the breach left by the closure of the federal government’s low income efficiency program,” said Environment Victoria Efficiency Campaigner Anne Martinelli.

“These retrofits will significantly improve the lives of vulnerable Victorian families, making their homes safer, more comfortable and cheaper to live in.”

“But we also urgently need a comprehensive government strategy to improve the efficiency of all Victorian houses,” Ms Martinelli said.

“As things stand, with our homes averaging less than 2 stars in terms of efficiency performance, Victorians are being locked into a future of unnecessarily high energy bills and the health risks of living in dangerously hot homes during the longer, hotter heatwaves that climate change will bring.

“We are looking to the Victorian government for leadership on sensible policy reforms such as better standards for new and rental homes to drive the broad-scale improvement we need if our homes are to meet the challenges of the future.

“When you consider that efficiency improvements can save money from day one, and could deliver a significant proportion of the government’s recently announced 2020 emissions reduction target, it makes sense to take decisive action.

“As we pointed out in our recent Life After Coal report, energy efficiency programs can create new jobs and help diversify the economy in regional areas such as the Latrobe Valley.

“More than half-way through its first term, we are looking forward to the government releasing its comprehensive energy efficiency strategy and getting on with helping all Victorians cut their energy waste,” said Ms Martinelli.

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