Reports | 13th Apr, 2017

Submission to the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act Review

A four year plan for Victoria’s environment

Environment Victoria warmly welcomes the Andrews government’s review of the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act (FFG Act) and its commitment to ‘strong and effective protection for Victoria’s native species and important habitats’.

Our submission is organised around the 5 key themes for reform we have developed in conjunction with Environmental Justice Australia and the Victorian National Parks Association.

These are:

  • A fair go for threatened species with no exemptions or special treatments for government departments or certain industries.
  • Stronger stop and protect powers so the Minister can intervene when important species or habitats are under threat
  • A nature cop on the beat with strong enforcement, real penalties and proper monitoring
  • Clear targets and timelines to direct investment and programs for threatened species protection and recovery
  • Community power to act, including the ability to initiate legal action to protect threatened species.
Download our submission here