Media Releases | 14th Jul, 2017

State leadership shows the way on reducing carbon emissions and driving investment in renewable energy

The Victorian Renewable Energy Action Plan provides a strong platform for transitioning the state’s polluting energy sector.

Environment Victoria Acting CEO Dr Nicholas Aberle today welcomed the Andrews government’s leadership on fixing Australia’s broken energy system, saying the Victorian Renewable Energy Action Plan provides a strong platform for transitioning the state’s polluting energy sector.

“The events of the last few days demonstrate the essential role that state governments can play in tackling climate change and filling the void created by federal inaction.

“Throughout the last week Minister D’Ambrosio and her state colleagues have stood up to federal inaction through COAG and have clearly declared they will get on with the job.

“While today’s COAG Energy Council meeting endorsed the majority of the Finkel report recommendations, the Turnbull government continues to be held hostage by some of its own members who seem committed to blocking clean energy and climate solutions.

“The long-awaited Victorian Renewable Energy Action Plan provides a welcome outline of how the Andrews government intends to deliver major improvements to Victoria’s polluting energy sector.

“There’s now not a moment to lose in implementing the Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET) – the policy centrepiece that will drive a new era of renewable investment in Victoria, creating thousands of jobs in regional areas,” said Dr Aberle.

The VRET could provide 1500 MW of new renewable energy capacity by 2020, and a total of 5400 MW additional capacity by 2025. Legislation is expected to be introduced into Parliament soon with reverse auctions to follow.

“Across Victoria, project developers and communities are ready to get to work building renewable energy – which can be unlocked through the VRET.

“The conversations we’re having with Victorians across the state shows that people strongly support renewable energy and they expect their politicians to deliver.

“It is disappointing that in times of unprecedented global warming and energy uncertainty the Victorian Opposition has been unwilling to provide bipartisan support for renewable energy, instead committing to repeal VRET legislation if they came to power. This would significantly undermine renewable energy’s momentum and stall action on climate change.

“Now more than ever, we need all sides of politics to come together and support policies that protect our climate and bring clean energy, jobs and investment to our state,” said Dr Aberle.

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