Media Releases | 21st Sep, 2017

Renewable energy boom takes first step in Victorian Parliament, despite Coalition opposition

Environment Victoria welcomes today’s passage of the Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET) legislation through the Legislative Assembly. Unfortunately, Matthew Guy’s Coalition voted against the bill, confirming their pro-coal, anti-renewables stance and their continued indifference towards acting on climate change.

Environment Victoria Acting CEO Dr Nicholas Aberle today said:

“We are very pleased to see the VRET pass the lower house, and extend our thanks and congratulations to Labor, the Greens and independent Suzanna Sheed for voting in favour of the transition to renewable energy. Today you have voted to deal with the climate and energy crisis we are facing.

“It is extremely disappointing that the Coalition has chosen to continue its ideological attacks on renewable energy. The Coalition’s pro-coal position is way out of touch with Victorian’s support for clean energy and action on climate change.

“Poll after poll shows that the overwhelming majority of Victorians support the VRET and further measures to reduce pollution.

“Under Matthew Guy, the Victorian Coalition has now delivered a trifecta of indifference towards clean energy and climate action. In the past 12 months, they have voted against a new Climate Change Act, voted against encouraging more rooftop solar, and now voted against large scale renewable energy – the cheapest and cleanest form of new electricity.

“The Coalition’s own plans seem to extend no further than using public money to prop up ancient coal generators and even building a new polluting coal power station. Their track record in government of blocking renewable energy projects and scrapping energy efficiency schemes helped create the problems we’re seeing today. Had they not done this, it is very likely that Victorians today would have lower power bills.

Achieving the renewable energy targets set by the bill will lower climate pollution, create thousands of regional jobs, push down power prices and ensure clean new power supply is coming online. Despite this, the Coalition announced during the debate that they would repeal the VRET if elected.

“By opposing the VRET, Matthew Guy continues the federal Coalition’s policy of fostering chaos in the energy market. The Victorian Coalition’s actions threaten investor certainty in renewable energy and the thousands of workers and families who rely on the industry.

“Climate change is here right now. We have just experienced Australia’s warmest and driest winter ever. The Coalition’s ideological commitment to polluting coal power is not only outdated, it’s dangerous.”

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