News | 4th Dec, 2017

Licence to pollute: Why and how the EPA is failing our climate

Climate pollution is the unfinished business of reforms to the Environment Protection Authority

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is Victoria’s chief environmental regulator. The EPA prevents pollution to our air, land and water, but is currently allowing climate polluters to dump unlimited amounts of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere.

This report reveals why and how the EPA is failing our climate. Key findings include:

  • Victoria’s biggest climate polluters face no real restrictions on their greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution.
  • The Victorian Climate Change Act confirms the EPA has the power to regulate climate pollution to meet the state’s emission reduction targets.
  • The EPA urgently needs to update its policies and regulations to limit damaging pollution to our climate.

Until this critical reform is addressed, Victoria’s biggest emitters of greenhouse gases (GHG) will continue to pollute the climate without consequences, Victoria will fail to meet more ambitious future emissions targets, and the $162 million reforms to EPA will remain half-finished.

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