Blog | 29th Dec, 2017

5 reasons why Victoria rocked 2017, thanks to YOU!

This year, together we achieved so much. So as 2017 draws to a close, here's a BIG thank you for your wonderful support.

This year, together we achieved so much. As 2017 draws to a close, we’d like to say a BIG thank you for your wonderful support.

From the closure of Australia’s dirtiest coal-burning power station with strong support for the Latrobe Valley community, to revived commitment to restore our rivers, we’ve got a lot to be proud of.

We took great strides towards cleaner air, healthier rivers and a safer climate, and we did it because of people like you, who care enough to speak out for our environment.

So here are 5 BIG reasons to say thank you:

 #1 Victoria is leading the country on climate change

Thanks to the Victorian community leading the way and standing up for our climate, our state has new climate change laws to cut pollution to zero.  Now thousands of us are calling on the EPA to take the next step and limit emissions from big polluters. Read more here >>

#2 Together, we retired the oldest & dirtiest power station in the country

After more than 10 years of community campaigning, Hazelwood closed and we secured $300 million in state and federal funding to support the Latrobe Valley through this transition. Check out the key moments >>

#3 There was a flood of support for our Murray River

When the ABC revealed that big NSW irrigators were stealing water meant for Victoria’s rivers, you stepped up. After receiving thousands of petitions, the Victorian minister agreed to support an inquiry into dodgy water deals. Read our explainer blog post >>

#4 The clean energy boom is coming

Thanks to community action, we have a new Victorian renewable energy target that will lead to a boom in clean energy. Solar-powered trams, offshore wind farms…the good news just keeps coming! And #Repower groups are springing up in communities around the state to keep standing up for clean energy. Read more here >>

#5 More than 25,000 of you acted on extinction

The new campaign for stronger nature laws in Victoria is gaining momentum with a large public forum, submissions to a review of the Flora & Fauna Guarantee Act and a whole lot of petitions to the Minister. Together we will ensure protection for our precious threatened plants and animals in new legislation next year.

None of this would have happened without people like you. We’re humbled by the commitment and strength of our community – that cares deeply about our future, and is working together to create change for the better.

Thank you.