Media Releases | 11th Jan, 2018

Media background: 8 facts about energy this summer

Environment Victoria has produced a new media backgrounder covering energy and climate change issues this summer, explaining recent developments in Australia’s National Electricity Market.

The document is designed for journalists covering any heatwaves or blackouts this January and February (which are often interrelated).

It covers 8 key facts about energy this summer:

  1. Coal power stations have become a major cause of unreliability
  2. The Tesla big battery is proving its worth
  3. Rooftop solar is reducing strain on the grid
  4. Demand is just as important as supply
  5. The biggest threat to energy security is climate change
  6. Solar and wind are the cheapest form of new supply
  7. Risk to the grid drops after this summer
  8. Electricity remains the number one source of climate pollution in Australia

The backgrounder is designed to bridge the gap between detailed technical reports published by industry bodies such as AEMO and the accessible language required for the mainstream media. It also highlights some key points that are sometimes overlooked in the public debate on energy.

Download the media backgrounder (PDF)

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