Reports | 30th Apr, 2018

Submission to the Productivity Commission’s Five Year Assessment of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan

Environment Victoria holds the position that the Murray-Darling Basin Plan should be implemented as agreed on time and in full, with the recovery of the full volume of environmental water, that is 3,200 GL, by 2024.

However water recovery has slowed dramatically in recent years and is currently stalled at 2,106 GL, just under two thirds of the total. We are deeply concerned that without more support for
water flowing through the rivers of the Basin, nourishing rivers and floodplains and exporting salt from the system, the Plan will fail to meet its objectives both for the environment and for water dependent communities of all types, from fish to farmers.

The best protection for communities in the long-term is a plan that meets its environmental objectives and provides long-term security for water users in a future with less water. A fully implemented Basin Plan is our best chance of achieving that.

Detailed comments on the specific issues raised in the discussion paper are provided in the body of our submission

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