Media Releases | 6th Jul, 2018

New Data: Victorian large-scale renewables projects currently in the pipeline can repower every home in the state

New data released today by Environment Victoria suggests there are now enough large-scale renewable projects either built or under construction to repower every Victorian home with clean energy.

Victoria currently has 1585 MW of operating large-scale wind and solar energy projects, with another 2518 MW under construction or financed. With the average Victorian household estimated to consume 3865 kWh of electricity annually, calculations show these projects will generate more than enough electricity to power the equivalent of all 2.5 million homes in Victoria.

“Our analysis shows we are well on the way to repowering the equivalent of every Victorian home with renewable energy from the wind and sun,” said Mark Wakeham, CEO of Environment Victoria.

“Victoria currently produces enough clean energy to power over 1 million Victorian homes. With 18 large-scale solar and wind projects under construction or financed, we will soon have the capacity to power all 2.5 million households.

“Poll after poll shows Victorians want more clean, cheap energy. This data shows we’re already on track to deliver enough renewable energy for every Victorian household.

“Victoria is in the midst of a renewable energy boom that will be continued as 5400 MW of new renewable energy projects are delivered under the Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET) legislated by the Andrews Government. Analysis of the VRET by Ernst and Young found that building these projects will create another 9000 local jobs in construction, engineering and installation, as well as lowering power bills and reducing climate pollution.

“Now that we’re on the way to powering the equivalent of every Victorian household with renewables, it’s time to start repowering industry and business as well. Victoria has all the right ingredients to secure an international reputation in clean energy and high-tech renewable industries, and repower the entire state with renewables,” continued Mr Wakeham.

“With state government leadership, Victoria can be a national frontrunner in renewable energy. Polling shows that four out of five Victorians support the renewable energy target and want to live in a state that is leading the way on climate change.

“Worryingly though, Victoria’s place as a renewable energy leader is at risk this state election. Opposition Leader Matthew Guy has promised to scrap Victoria’s legislated renewable energy target if elected, which would destroy future investment and jobs in renewables projects and lead to higher power prices and more pollution.

“It’s critical that Victorians know what is at stake this November and use their votes and their voice to support parties who stand up for clean energy and a better future,” said Mr Wakeham.

Mark Wakeham, Environment Victoria CEO
Mobile: 0439 700 501

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