Media Releases | 13th Jul, 2018

New Frankston 'Repower Victoria Hub' a show of strength for the clean energy vote

Ahead of the November election, Environment Victoria is launching the ‘Repower Victoria Hub’ in the heart of Frankston, one of Melbourne’s closest marginal seats.

Every election, the voices and votes of the people of Frankston and surrounding suburbs are powerful in deciding who gets to form government, and this year Environment Victoria’s research has shown that what Victorians really want is a government who will provide a future of cheap, clean energy.

By opening Frankston’s Repower Victoria Hub, Environment Victoria is setting their sights on making environment and renewable energy policy a key issue for all parties in the upcoming state election.

“The people of Frankston know how powerful their voices and votes backing clean energy and the environment will be in the upcoming state election,” said CEO of Environment Victoria Mark Wakeham.

“We know the community is on board with clean energy, and Frankston’s Repower Victoria Hub will be a key community base where people can come to learn about where the parties stand on energy policy.

“We’ll be using the Hub to host calling parties, film screenings, trainings and community meetings. The Repower Victoria Hub will be an important resource for the Frankston community.

“The people of Frankston know we can build a better future with clean energy. Victoria’s renewable energy target will deliver nine thousand jobs, reduce power bills and cut pollution. Wind, solar, and batteries deliver cleaner, cheaper power for everyone,” said Mr Wakeham.

Reachtel polling of people in the Frankston electorate undertaken in March this year found overwhelming community support for renewable energy and Victoria’s Renewable Energy target, with seventy-two percent of Frankston voters wanting more renewable energy for the state.

“But right now dirty politics is standing in the way and the future of the Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET) is on a knife-edge,” he continued.

“We know the VRET is cutting pollution and creating clean energy jobs and investment in Victoria. But Matthew Guy wants to scrap the VRET and slash clean energy jobs. On their current policies the Victorian Liberal Party is backing big coal instead of listening to what the community wants.

“Ahead of the November election we’ll be making sure that renewable energy and the environment are front-of-mind issues for people and political parties vying for votes, and we need the support of the people of Frankston to do it.

“We are encouraging everyone in Frankston and beyond to come and visit us at the Repower Victoria Hub. It is critical that Victorians know what is at stake this November and use their voices and votes to support parties who stand up for clean energy and a better future,” said Mr Wakeham.

Reachtel polling available on request

Mark Wakeham, Environment Victoria CEO
Mobile: 0439 700 501

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