Media Releases | 10th Aug, 2018

Rights for renters: Environment Victoria welcomes common-sense update to rental laws

Environment Victoria has today thrown its weight behind the Andrews government’s rental standards package, which received its second hearing in Parliament yesterday.

If passed, these updated laws have the potential to set standards that will lead to lower energy bills and less climate pollution, because less energy will be wasted keeping homes warm in winter and cool in summer.

“Requiring rental homes to meet energy efficiency standards is the single most effective action government could take to cut renters’ cost of living. This would also create thousands of good, local jobs and cut climate pollution. It’s a no brainer,” said Environment Victoria Efficiency Campaigner Anne Martinelli.

“More people are renting and home ownership is increasingly out of reach for many Victorians. The latest Census figures show nearly one-third of households now rent in the private market. This is a mainstream issue and we are glad to see the government taking action.

“Environment Victoria welcomes the new rental standards package, and we are calling on all sides of politics to come together and deliver this long overdue reform before the pre-election care-taker period.

“This is common-sense reform which will make renting safer and fairer for Victoria’s renters.

“Anyone standing against this package would be denying 1.2 million Victorians access to livable rental homes where they don’t have to face dangerously hot or cold living conditions.”

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Anne Martinelli, Environment Victoria Efficiency Campaigner
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