Media Releases | 29th Aug, 2018

Environment Victoria response to Coalition local content requirements for renewables projects

The Victorian Coalition today announced that, under a Matthew Guy government, renewable energy projects would need to meet a 75% local content requirement.

Environment Victoria Campaigns Manager Dr Nicholas Aberle today said:

“We certainly support local content requirements, but the first test of any plan to build renewable energy is simple: how much wind and solar power will be built on your watch?

“Nobody is going to invest in producing local content unless there is a steady pipeline of clean energy projects to use that material. This election, we want all parties to ensure this pipeline of projects exists.

“With the Liberal party’s current commitment to scrap the Victorian Renewable Energy Target, they are promising to strangle the clean energy industry in this state. There are no clean energy jobs at all if you’re not building any clean energy.

“We welcome the acknowledgement by the Liberal party that renewables are the future. Their task now is to commit to making sure we actually build clean energy.”

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Dr Nicholas Aberle, Environment Victoria Campaigns Manager
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