News | 4th Sep, 2018

Victorian Liberal Party environment policy comparison

This document compares the Victorian Coalition’s 2006 environment policy with its actions in government and Opposition.

The Victorian Coalition’s most recent pre-election environment policy was released in 2006, 615 weeks ago. It states the Liberal Party would “lower greenhouse gas emissions” as “there is no doubt that climate change poses a significant threat to our natural environment”.

However, since 2006, the Victorian Coalition has retreated from this aspiration. It opposed many of these articulated policy goals while in government and has actively worked against them in Opposition. This position looks increasingly irresponsible as the science of climate change has become universally accepted, the impacts have intensified and the opportunities to reduce emissions are now more affordable, accessible and exciting.

This document compares the Coalition’s 2006 policy with its actions in government and Opposition. While there have been some unfortunate backwards steps, there is still a strong basis to forge policies across the political spectrum that can cut greenhouse gas pollution, create jobs and protect our natural environment.

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